7 Tips for Choosing a Roof Repair Company in Lubbock


Is your roof starting to leak? One small leak could have disastrous consequences. Mold and mildew could spread, impacting the health of everyone under your roof.

Don’t wait to call for help. Instead, use these seven tips to find the best roof repair company in Lubbock, TX. They can fix any issues with your roof, ensuring your health and safety.

There are now over 108,000 roofing companies throughout the US, though. Before you start calling companies, it helps to have a plan.

With these tips, you can narrow down your options. Otherwise, you might end up with a team that lacks the tools and experience for the job. Don’t risk it!

Start your searching for the best roof repair contractors around with these tips today.

1. Request Referrals

First, talk to your friends, family members, and neighbors. Ask if any of them have hired a roof repair company recently. If they have, great!

Ask about their experience. You can make a list of questions to ask, including:

  • What services did you need
  • Did the team arrive on time
  • Were they knowledgeable and professional
  • Did you have any issues communicating with the team
  • Were there any other issues
  • How were those issues resolved
  • Would you hire them in the future
  • How much did their services cost

Speaking with your inner circle can help you gather information that’s possibly not available online.

Make sure the people you speak with didn’t experience any issues with the roofing company. If they did, scratch that company off your list. Choose a roofing contractor that cares about their customers.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing the company will strive to find a solution if there are any issues.

2. Look for Experience

If your inner circle can’t point you in the right direction, that’s okay. Instead, head online. Google “roofing repair company near me.”

Start building a list of contractors in the area.

While you’re online, check each company’s Better Business Bureau listing. Determine how long the company has run and operated.

A long-established business has likely worked out kinks in its operations. The team likely has hands-on roof repair experience they can leverage, too. An experienced team will have an easier time recognizing issues with your roof.

Make sure their experience is relevant to the services you need, too.

For example, do you need roof repair or replacement services? Do you need help with a commercial or residential roof? Consider the roofing materials involved, too.

Make sure the company you choose has relevant roof repair experience. If they’ve never handled a roof like yours before, look elsewhere.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing the company you hired has experience and expertise you can count on.

3. Check Their Credentials

Don’t hire a roof repair company yet! Make sure to check their credentials, first.

Make sure each company is licensed to offer services in your area. Determine if their license covered residential or commercial properties, too. Then, check the date.

If their license isn’t up-to-date, take your business elsewhere.

Roofing contractors need to finish two years of hands-on experience before earning their license. They’ll receive their license from a government agent.

While you’re online, check the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA). You can check the website to make sure the company’s license is up-to-date.

Check their bonding and insurance, too. Make sure the company has general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Ask the company what happens if someone is injured while working on your property. Consider what happens if they damage your property, too. The company’s insurance should handle this situation for you.

Otherwise, you might have to pay out-of-pocket for repairs.

4. Consider Their Services

Before choosing between your roofing contractor options, consider the services each company can offer. Make sure they meet the specific needs for your project. For example, you might need:

  • Roof inspections
  • Commercial roof replacement
  • Commercial roof repair
  • Residential roof replacement
  • Residential roof repair
  • Emergency roof repair
  • Gutter installation and repair

Make sure to consider the type of roofs they work on, too.

Otherwise, ask the team if they can help improve your roof’s longevity. Their additional services might help you for years to come.

5. Ask About Their Process

As you consult the roofing contractor options on your list, ask about their work process, too.

They should start by completing a visual inspection of your roof. Ask how they plan on fixing the problem. They shouldn’t add new shingles over your existing ones to hide cosmetic issues.

Otherwise, the roof might collapse.

Ask about the roof repair equipment they use as well. Make sure they’re using professional equipment and high-quality materials.

6. Read Reviews

While you’re gathering research, consider reading online reviews. Customer reviews can help you learn about each team on your list.

It’s normal to find one or two negative comments. If the negative reviews outweigh the positive ones, look elsewhere. Look for a team with a strong professional reputation instead.

Look for proof of their past projects, too. You can review their portfolio to determine the quality of their work.

7. Get a Quote

The roofing industry could grow to $5.3 billion over the next few years. As you start narrowing down your roofing contraction options, ask at least three companies on your list for a quote. Gathering more than one quote will help you gauge the local price.

Make sure you know what’s included in each quote, too. For example, they should list the cost of labor and materials.

If you discussed pricing over the phone, make sure it’s in writing. Review their contract in full, too. Make sure the contract mentions a warranty.

A company that offers a warranty will protect your best interests. If there’s a problem, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can call them back.

Then, review your roofing contractor options. Choose a team with the experience and expertise you need.

Raise Your Roof: 7 Tips for Choosing a Roof Repair Company in Lubbock, TX

Don’t rush to hire the first roof repair company in Lubbock, TX you call. Instead, use these tips to narrow down your choices. With these tips, you’ll have peace of mind.

You can choose the best roofing contractors in town and feel confident in your choice.

Eager to get started? We’re here to help.

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