8 Common Roof Repair Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

roof repair mistakes

Trying to replace the roof that sits atop your house may cost you a small fortune. Although the exact cost will vary depending on many factors, most homeowners can spend as much asĀ $12 000 to replace a roof.

Thus, people must make the proper roof repairs wherever they are required. It can assist them in avoiding replacing their roof sooner than expected.

Homeowners should also avoid making the most prevalent roof repair mistakes. If you make these errors, it could cost you in the end. Let’s take a closer look at eight common roof repair mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

1. Misdiagnosing a Leak

A leak is one of the signs that your roof has a problem. Homeowners don’t understand that a leak in your ceiling does not mean that the problem is right above the leak.

In most cases, water leaking in your ceiling might be originating somewhere else. Water tends to flow along pipes, joints, and electrical systems until it finds a lower point. It pools before dripping onto your ceiling.

Diagnosing a leak is thus partially science and art. If an inexperienced or underqualified person fixes a leak problem, you will be surprised by the nasty mess appearing again the next time it rains.

2. Using Shingles That Don’t Match

Always ensure you are using similar roofing material that you are fixing. Using matching shingles will make your house look great and stay in good condition.

Using different shingles causes problems, which may require you to repair your entire roof. Shingles come in varying thickness and material quality. Thus, mixing them won’t be a good idea.

The color does not determine whether shingles are of the same kind. Still, it would be best if you chose shingles that are the same brand and color. In that way, there will be no noticeable shade difference on your roof.

3. Adding Many Layers

In some cases, fixing an old roof may involve putting new shingles on top of the old ones. In some instances, adding a layer may strengthen the existing roof, and in some situations, it might not work.

You can only add a new layer of shingles on top of an existing one only in a situation where it is not overly damaged or if it is the only layer you are covering.

If many layers already exist on a roof or shingles are totally damaged, total replacement is appropriate rather than covering them.

4. Ignoring Attic

In most cases, a problem on your roof is often a problem in your attic. Damage to roofs could be a result of an issue in the attic. In some situations, it starts at the roof and affects the attic.

Therefore, choosing to ignore the attic can cause other problems down the road. For instance, a leak in your ceiling has to get past the attic. Though you may only see a small stain or peeling on the ceiling, the damage at the attic might be extensive.

If the deck is exposed to water for a long time, it begins to rot. Rots will facilitate the growth of mold that is likely to get into your ventilation system. Exposure to mold spores results in respiratory complications for the people living in the house.

5. Reusing Old Flashing

When roofing your house, you should always use high-quality materials. Why then would you consider reusing old flashing when repairing your roof?

Old flashing is likely to give your roof a distorted look and will get damaged quickly. Always consider using a new flashing when repairing your roof.

It won’t take long before your roof begins leaking after using old materials. Fix your roof using new material and avoid repairing the same problem again.

6. Not Hiring Professional Roofers

In an attempt to save some bucks, some people may prefer taking the DIY approach to repairing the roof of their home. They will go up on their roof and try to fix what they think is wrong with it.

Failing to hire a professional roofer to repair your roof is the biggest mistake you can ever make. When you leave the repair work to professionals, you are assured of zero errors at the end of the day.

Get the job done by professional roofers who have the necessary roof repair tools and know-how to fix problems.

7. Ignoring the Root Problem

Let’s say you find the leak source; instead of fixing the problem, you just slap a new shingle. Though a leak starts with a broken shingle, before it leaks on your ceiling, it has already caused a lot of damage.

Sometimes the shingles are not necessarily the source of the problem. The decking installed might have been installed wrongly or have been damaged.

Getting to the root problem requires a roofer to do a thorough inspection. They are to check all structural features before deciding to fix a leak.

8. Roofing Using Low-Quality Materials

Low-quality materials are unlikely to stand the test of time. When you repair your roof using such materials, be sure to make the same repair in a few years. This means your roof repair budget will be more than you would have paid if you had chosen quality materials.

Only high-quality material can ensure your roof stays stable for a long time, withstanding even extreme weather conditions.

Avoid the Above Roof Repair Mistakes by Hiring Professional Roofers

Fixing roof damage can go wrong if done incorrectly. However, you can eliminate unnecessary roof repair mistakes by hiring professional roofers. They are experienced in inspecting roofs and determining the root problem before fixing them.

At HP Roofing, we provide you with the best professional roof repair service. Over the years, we have built credible experience in roofing. We utilize quality materials in repairing roofs to ensure that you don’t have to do a similar repair for a decade to come.

Contact us today and get a better idea of the nature of the project in your mind.

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