Tree on Your Roof? 5 Next Steps and Safety Tips

tree on roof

Have you recently had a tree fall on your roof after a severe thunderstorm? Do you fear you have tree damage on the roof that needs to be repaired? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about what to do with a tree on the roof.

Doing so can help you expedite the road to recovery. Rather than leaving your property susceptible to water damage from the next storm, you can get everything back in place as quickly as possible.

See below for an in-depth guide on the best tips for what to do when you’ve suffered roof damage from a tree falling on your house.

1. Clear Everyone From the Area

Even if the tree has already fallen on your property or on the ground, you should take it as a warning sign that the area isn’t safe. 

If the storm is still going on, you may still be in danger of other trees falling on or near your property. If the winds were strong enough to pull down one tree, they can certainly pull down another!

The first step after a tree has fallen is always to clear the area. Get everyone out of the house and as far from the property as possible. If the tree is still lodged into your roof, then you should alert your neighbors to the incident as well.

Make sure to check you and your family for any injuries. If the tree landed on the ground after hitting your roof, then you can go in to check the damage after the storm has subsided. This is a good time to check for any visible water damage inside your home.

If the tree is still lodged in your roof, then do not re-enter the premises. You never know; that tree might not be done moving just yet. Steer clear of the property until you perform the next step…

2. Contact a Roofing Company Right Away

If you’ve had a tree fall on your roof, then time is of the essence. The damage is done, but how you proceed will dictate whether or not your property experiences any further setbacks. 

As soon as you realize that a tree has fallen on your roof, you need to reach out to a trusted roofing company right away. Most people only perform this step if they can visually see some damage.

Even if you think that your roof didn’t sustain any major damage, you need to schedule a consultation. We have no problem coming out to your property just to ensure that your roof is in good condition.

A fallen tree can cause catastrophic damage to your roof, even if you can’t see it. It can cause shingles to fall off, cracks to form, or completely obliterate the condition of your roof. Any one of these is enough to create a roof leak—some more severe than others.

Before you take any other action (other than evacuating the area), contact a roofing company in West Texas or East New Mexico. They will give you further instructions on how to proceed.

3. Gather Your Belongings

Once the roofing company comes out to inspect, they’ll fill you in on how much damage your home sustained. Depending on the severity, you may have to evacuate the home for a while until the repairs are finished.

Once a roofing company has deemed the area safe for you to re-enter, you can go in to gather your items and valuables. Gather everything of importance to ensure it doesn’t experience any more damage such as portraits, mementos, and so on.

If the house needs to be remodeled, then your homeowners’ insurance should cover the cost of temporary housing. That said, you’ll want to find a relative or friend who will let you crash at their place for the next few nights. 

When your house needs to be restored, all you can do is make the best of the situation and trust the professional roofing service to help you out.

4. Manage Your Expectations

This is never an easy time for homeowners. The uncertainty of the future can be overwhelming, but try to stay as calm as possible.

If you’ve reached out to a trusted roofing company in Lubbock TX, then they will give you an accurate timeline for when your roof will be fully repaired/replaced. From there, it’s just about making the most of the situation.

Remember, roofs can be replaced. Leave that to the professionals. Take this time to help your family recover from any injuries.

5. Entrust Your Roof Repairs to a Service

Even though you didn’t see this coming, it’s important to pay for a professional roofer to repair or replace your roof as soon as possible. The longer you neglect it, the more damage your home will endure. 

Here at HP Roofing, we’ll do all we can to provide as quick a solution as possible. We take great pride in our experience and roofing knowledge and use that to your benefit in our services.

Our goal in emergency situations like this is to find the most efficient solution so that you and your family can return to normalcy as quickly as possible. 

Tree on Roof: Hire a Trusted Roofing Company Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on what to do with a tree on the roof, be sure to use all of this information to your advantage.

To get started, please visit this page to schedule a complimentary consultation and we will be happy to assist you further.

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