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HP Roofing does professional roof repair and roof replacement in Lubbock, Texas. When your roof gets damaged by hail, wind, or other storm conditions –– call in the pros to repair it. 

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The “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration” (NOAA) reports that there were 4,611 hail storms in America in 2018, but 2019 ended on an even higher number. As of the end of the year, there were over 5,396 hail events recorded. And if you live in Texas, you have seen your share of these hail storms and know what they can do to a property, especially roofs.

You don’t need anyone to tell you that your roof is the most vital part of your home; it’s your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Therefore, you should always ensure your roof is kept in optimal condition to keep your family and your home safe. One of the worst sources of damage comes from weather, including wind and hail storms. These are the most destructive, and we see plenty of them living in Lubbock.

Unfortunately, there is no way to protect from hail damage to a roof when a hail storm strikes. After the storm, your roof may have several holes in it. HP Repair can help. We will go up on the roof and do an inspection to access the damage and then determine the best solution for you. We perform any roof replacements and hail damage repair in Lubbock.

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How Do I Fix My Roof After A Hail Storm Strikes?

Once a hail storm hits your area, you will need to make arrangements for a roof inspection to see how bad the damages are. Some hail storms have been known to cause extreme damage where some houses required a new roof. Call us for a free roofing estimate, and we can determine the repairs needed. While we provide you with affordable rates, your repairs might be covered by your insurance plan.

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Hp Roofing was founded by a professional team in 2020 and is locally owned and operated. Our team has over 21 years of experience, and we believe roofing should be straightforward, local, honest, and fully transparent. We are Lubbock’s best solution when it comes to commercial and residential roofing repairs and replacements, combining high-quality products with unmatched exceptional customer service, along with a great price-matching guarantee and hassle-free solutions. So, when you call us, not only will you pay less, but you will also worry less as well. 

If Your Roof Was Damaged By Hail, Get It Repaired By Professionals

It is never a good idea to wait for roof hail damage repair. Even the smallest holes can become very large in a matter of days and can result in your roof caving in. This is a very dangerous situation. We can get your roof repaired fast and hassle-free. 

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